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Assistant Collaborators


Benjamin Connor

Having successfully completed my Master of Architecture, I am eager to put my skills into practice in the profession I have been building a passion for since I was a child. I am excited and driven by the challenges and opportunities sustainability and technology will continue to bring to the field of Architecture.

My proficiency in BIM, modelling, rendering and graphic design software combined with the invaluable experience of collaborating with Eco Effective Solutions on unique projects will allow me to work towards innovative and creative solutions.

Beyond Architecture, I have broadened my horizons with travel to Japan, a dichotomy between traditional culture and fast-paced progress, and continue to enjoy the creativity and expression of graphic design.


Sherry Sun

In 2011, as I completed a sustainability focused interior design education, I discovered the greater effort in the industry to delivery better built environment which led me into Construction Management/ Quantity Surveying.

The built environment reflects our location, time and people, it requires designers to adhere to the basics but also be creative. Working with Eco Effective Solutions provided me the opportunity to collaborate closely with architects, engineers, suppliers and builders.

The challenge for me continues to be utilising my experience to provide quality and cost control in delivering designs that would benefit the society.
I love the nature and working with my hands. When I am not working, I am either planting flowers or cooking in the kitchen. My latest obsession is winter bulbs and everything grandma used to make.


Biden He ( A.K.A. Rebecca)

Rebecca (Bidan) He has been working in the Architectural design industry for 5 years. Her broad experience ranges across many sectors which include residential, multi-residential, power industrial, and commercial. Currently mainly working on Supermarket projects. She achieved a Master degree of Architecture at QUT in 2018, a Building design diploma at Southbank TAFE in 2010, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Guangzhou University in 2006.

Rebecca has a passion for sustainable design and is keen on learning new technology and gaining knowledge in this field. She strongly agrees with the Australian way of passive design since her first class on learning about ESD in Southbank TAFE. She joined Eco Effective Solutions for its congenial perspective, applying sustainable ideas on different projects even only to the smallest step which will make a big difference for the future.

I remember Siegfried Giedion in his book Space, Time and Architecture mentioned every big leap of Architecture was based on many little facts which have been seeding in small scoops of the project.



My name is Cecilia Balmaceda. I am an Architecture Honours Graduate with a Minor in Interior Design.

My passions in life include Social Housing, Compact Housing, Multi-residential Architecture and Latin rhythms.

Before moving to Australia in 2010 I had lived in Argentina, Southern Africa and England and I have also travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia.

At EES I enjoy learning from Mark’s wealth of knowledge in the area of Sustainable Design, collaborating with Rebecca He and participating in occasional site visits and measure ups.

I hope to be an experienced site project manager, ensuring meticulous design execution. 

jack reboul

Jack Reboul

I have always had a keen interest in sustainable and modular design, and soon after graduating from a bachelor’s degree, I was lucky enough to connect with Mark and work with him as an Assistant Collaborator.

Working at EES has allowed me to apply my strong computer, CAD, and digital rendering skills to a wide range of project. I continue to learn from Mark’s expertise, developing my sustainable thinking and getting valuable experience in the world of sustainable and modular design.

I believe sustainable and modular design is the future for architecture and in my career hope to specialise in it.

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