At the start of the year, along with over 500 architects around the country, we shared our commitment to going carbon neutral in 2020.

We acknowledge that a lot has happened since then, however it’s important to remain committed to getting our own houses in order.

in January, the first step was to switch to 100% accredited GreenPower. The next step is to start a carbon audit by June 30.

Switching to 100% accredited GreenPower is a great way to support new investment of renewable energy, however a carbon audit will go one step further and measure your carbon footprint so you can reduce your emissions. You can self-certify or engage an external auditor.

Now is the time to cut our carb(on emissions). Now is the time to be accountable for our carbon footprint.

Thank you to Jeremy and Tahlia at Breathe Architecture for driving this campaign and to the Architects Declare Australia team for pulling together the great Guide to Going Carbon Neutral.

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