“GREEN HOTELS – taking the confusion out of sustainability in the hotel industry”

New magazine articles providing green building information and practices

Mark Thomson has recently been asked to contribute to two Australian magazines supporting the hotel and hospitality industry to assist in the education of the green rating tools. Accommodation projects have been a favourite over Mark’s 25year plus architectural career and the range of such projects includes refurbishment of city hotels and taverns, country motels, backpacker hostels, 3 star boutique city hotels, boarding houses, eco resort designs,4 star international city hotels, YMCA accommodation, student accommodation and luxury villas.

Up until 2005 Mark was a part owner of Brisbane’s first new 3star hotel project Explorers Inn at Turbot street Brisbane. This refurbishment project transformed a tired 1920’s building into a boutique city hotel, offering a new standard of affordable accommodation for Brisbane. Reusing a building capitalises on the embodied energy already invested in the building process, hence is a great green building strategy. Combined with reusing existing materials from the demolition of redundant building uses, the incorporation of sustainable, low VOC materials and an efficient building services system, the 58 room hotel operated successfully for over 10 years with occupancy rates in the high 80%.

It serves as a great example of a successful property redevelopment in its time, where good green building strategies provided new life and new accommodation for Brisbane.

17 May 2017

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