The Revitaliser” is a “living laboratory” established at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for the 10th International Healthy Building Conference.

This full size demonstration display ,designed to increase workspace air quality, will test the impact plants will have on indoor environments. We know that vegetation is beneficial in reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC’S) however the additional oxygen levels they create in an office can improve workplace productivity and healthy living.

The Revitaliser Presentation

Schiavello Corporate Sustainability Principal, Mark Thomson  conceived “the Revitaliser “ which includes flexible furniture solutions, a green wall and recycled and environmentally certified Echopanel wall linings from Cre8. Schiavello furniture has been positioned to demonstrate the latest overseas information on workplace productivity and office environments.

OCTIEF, is conducting detailed indoor air testing on “the Revitaliser” in front of 600 +overseas visitors and air quality experts at the conference. Real time data is being collected and conference delegates can witness the ongoing results via an Electroboard display panel

John Daly, Landscape Architect and Horticulturalist has selected the plants and soil to ensure optimum scientific testing results.The demonstration results will be reported by QUT and featured at future industry forums. This data continues the research which conclusively proves plants are beneficial for people in workplace and educational environments.

The Revitaliser Green Wall

Mark Thomson was Day One Convenor at the Healthy Buildings Conference where the relationship between energy efficiency and healthy buildings was challenged but now understood to be improving and requiring greater educational and scientific data .”The public expects green buildings to be healthy buildings and developing tools such as Greenstar Performance have the opportunity to ensure improved working and living environments.”

Mark is also President of the Australian Green Development forum which champions Positive Development. a reframed sustainable development approach for our built environment.


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